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We are passionate about serving delicious food that meets the highest quality and safety quality standards. Our customers put great trust in us and it is our responsibility to provide them with nutritious and enjoyable meals.

Food Safety and Quality

Our supply chain management system ensures we have oversight over our entire supply chain. We regularly conduct spot checks and assessments of our suppliers and restaurants and offer training on best practices.

In order to efficiently and safely serve our customers, we operate 17 strictly controlled logistic and distribution centers, and 2 integration hubs around the country. In 2006, we set up the Yum! Food Safety and Advisory Committee which meets twice a year to provide Yum China with guidance and recommendations regarding food safety policies and management priorities.


We encourage all employees and stakeholders to live balanced and healthy lifestyles. We strive to proactively improve the nutritional profile of our high quality food, while providing great taste. We offer a variety of menu options at each of our restaurants and give priority to vegetables and foods with high nutritional value. At KFC, we have expanded our menu offerings from just 15 to 56 products as of the end of 2017.

We strive to educate consumers about the nutritional content of our products, to help them make informed choices about their diet. Our KFC restaurants have distributed over 1.1 billion copies of educational materials introducing healthy eating and ideas on how to incorporate exercise for a healthy lifestyle.

In 2007, Yum China and the Chinese Red Cross Foundation (CRCF) established the KFC China Health Foundation. In May 2017, Yum China partnered with the Chinese Nutrition Society, China’s top professional organization dedicated to the research and application of the healthy nutrition practices, to form the CNS-Yum China Dietary Health Foundation. The newly formed Foundation will continue the work that was started by the KFC China Health Foundation.