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Yum China has a large footprint across the country, with restaurants in every province and autonomous region. Sustainability is at the core of our operations and we continuously implement initiatives to reduce our environmental footprint. We advocate energy saving across all our locations and follow green building standards, promote resource conservation and advocate the sustainable use of raw materials.

We continuously test and evaluate a variety of energy saving technologies to find optimal solutions and we encourage all employees to make concerted efforts to explore effective sustainability initiatives.

In partnership with the China Environmental Protection Foundation, we implemented the Pizza Hut Green Little Superman program in 2010. The program trains college students in 17 cities to act as environmental education volunteers in primary schools. They educate primary students on water conservation and protection, waste classification, new energy and biodiversity. University students spend a year preparing curriculum for the program, inviting experts, organizing activities and conducting rehearsals. Since 2010, over 20,000 university students have volunteered in the program with 190,000 primary school students attending.

At Yum China, we care deeply about the planet and ensuring it is better for future generations.