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Yum China, is China’s largest restaurant company and has a vision of becoming the most successful restaurant company in the world. We operate over 8,600 locations across the country and open an average of close to two restaurants per day. Our iconic brands are recognized throughout the nation and have become an ingrained part of people’s lives.

We welcome suitable partners to become franchisees. Our robust facilitating system provides franchisees with support in areas including trademarks, operations, systems and marketing while enabling your business to grow and generate profit.

At Yum China, we believe that our expertise, influence and track record of success will provide our franchisees with a platform for robust growth.

Yum China’s KFC, Pizza Hut and Little Sheep brands are open to franchising.

To learn more about becoming a franchisee please call us at 4008 323 323 or visit our brand specific websites.